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Yes! It was a moment of palpitations……Yes! It was a moment of excessive sweating!…..Yes! it was the most crucial instance….. And then came the moment of Glory to a Nation which has proved its mettle almost in every field. I was never a cricket fan but this World Cup and the twist and action in every match just got me closer to it. Its similar to how a hungry man gets attracted to the delicious fragrance of food cooking on woods.

The World Cup final was a full attention seeker for all the reasons. In one hand, Sachin’s last world cup and on the other Murli’s last ODI. It does make sense to make this final the most sorted one. The day just began with laziness and thoughts of not watching the match but gradually the Patriotism pulled me to the Hall and there I was astonished to see the throng cheering for almost every ball of the Match. Sometimes, quick decisions actually prove to be one of the best ones. Yes, I was glued to the seats watching the match; over by over…..ball by ball.It was a nice feeling to see even other country nationals cheering for India. Everything seemed like a Rollercoaster Journey as the COOL DUDE of the team made some serious changes to bowling. But, whatever the decision was, result came to follow us. It was in the last 7 overs that all of us started celebrating already for the jinx that was broken after 28 years.

In a quintessence, the Indian team reflected all elements of human nature. Unity, where U always came before I. Brotherhood, where an International coach was made to feel at home. Generosity, where the cup belonged to 1.2 billion people and not just a team of 11. Respect; that was earned from quality and clean cricket. Achievement, a dream that turned into reality after months of hard-work.

Murli will be missed for the quality cricket he played. I hope Sachin enthrals the world with his talent in forthcoming years. To sum it up, it was one man’s dream…..accomplished by a team of 10… bring Glory to a Nation of 1.2 Billion.

Hats Off Men in Blue!


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