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Deep meaning lie within hollow words!

Paint the dreams you see with the colours you live

for it is your canvas to unveil true success.

Success perching to royalty adorned with riches

is mere fame with a mocking name.

Name comes aglow by the deeds you do

assessed by it are you but only you.

You may cling to éclat and just specie

it counts as none unless enclaved by love.

Love is not just breezing in from one

but all who beyond doubt admire you.

You may have arrived at the epitome

of what you think is success and love in Life.

Life! a word often overheard; a conundrum misunderstood

seldom do we endeavour to realize its worth and live it.


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Lost and WON

Adored a girl from the beginning of May,

mind engulfed in her thoughts almost everyday.

Her blue eyes giving a stare,

was overwhelmed to see it was rare.

The smile on her face,

motivated me to fight another race.

Her long hair darker than darkest night,

all set to show its glistening might.

Her innocence like a child,

her touch so soothing and mild.

The panache in her walk,

made the world turn and talk.

I admired somebody,

a day made me realized I was nobody.

The time of dismay came,

was I a victim of blame game?

She said it was a fault in me,

but I could hardly see.

She turned again and again,

Alas! to witness my pain.

Forgotten for a while,

unable to crawl even a mile.

A cherub whispered in my ear,

loads left to be conquered my dear!

The string of lost hopes,

aided as mighty ropes.

Arose yet again to the morning glory,

with a fresh start to my ended story.

Lessons conned from my past,

propelled me to move lil more fast.

Future seemed to be full of accolades,

sentiments of past haunted as sharp blades.

Left no time for thoughts of gloom,

as I was busy weaving a fresh handloom.

Path to success was embellished with precious stones,

every turn astonished me with new thrones.

Success always invited me,

failures never threatened me.

Discovering from the past,

recovering faster and fast,

I left everyone aghast.

There came another May,

the world had lots to say.

A Joker of misfortunes,

was now a King of splendid Fortunes.


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ORION 2010…Taste of True Success

The preparations started off in the month of January’10. Slowly but steadily we planned a roadmap for ORION 2010, the intra college cultural extravaganza that every crescentian always waits for. These two days promise full on entertainment and fun at no extra cost from the students. The preparation phase saw a lot of ups and much more downs. There were rumours abt the show being cancelled or being postponed. OMG! this time even the guys were involved in these gossips.

Finally, the function was approved and the preparations started in full swing. As the days (March 5-6,2010) approached closer and closer the panic gripped the Core team. But somehow the hostelites and day scholars ensured that this event should be a benchmark.

Day 1 of ORION kicked off with a bang and having a chief guest, Mr. Kiruba Shankar was indeed a matter of honor. As the day moved on, it was becoming easier because the schedule was planned strategically. We finished the events half an hour ahead of schedule pre-lunch session. VJ Craig’s presence in the Auditorium ensured a jam packed scene. Fine arts events, Scavenger Hunt & Quiz events were simply impeccable & witnessed lot of zeal. As the day progressed, Music events took the center-stage. Singer Haricharan & Music Director Satish Chakravarthy graced the occasion & then performed together on stage as well. This marked the highlight of Day 1; followed by dance events and then the chief guest for the day Samutrakani & Namoh Narayanan entertained the crowd in no time. Phew!! 50% of the event was done…that was a sigh of relief.

Day 2 of ORION started off with a much better crowd in the auditorium and cool events like stand-up comedy, tamil debate, adzap & talent show going on-stage. Yet again, Kudos to the team for having finished the line up of events 10 mins ahead of schedule pre-lunch session. After the lunch, the auditorium experienced maximum crowd in no time as the events were full of energy and fun. Variety Pro Show & Dance Performances enthralled one and all. How can I forget BLAAZE??? Yupp, the chief guest for the day 2. He was in the campus on time and the sequence of his entry was carefully planned. The crowd went ga-ga after seeing him on stage rapping some of his finest works. An artist so down to earth and so amiable, hard to find celebs like him. That’s the way Core team and associate committees streamlined the process.

All good things in life have to meet its end & so did ORION’10 had to. It started with moments of fears but ended up with moments of tears. Final few minutes of the day made almost everyone get into emotional breakdown. All exhausted when I reached homw and opened facebook….OMG!!! All the people had enjoyed every bit of ORION 2010 and rated it as the best ever. The emotions were being portrayed in the words they used. Kudos to all the people who were directly or indirectly involved in making ORION 2010 “THE” event of the year. In the end, all I can say is ” I am really gonna miss this place, I miss my college days”.


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