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Humraahi Waqt

My first attempt with hindi poetry. I know it may not be the best but yes I will keep improving my skills.


Waqt ke saaye ne humko aisa toda

har raaste ka rukh hai moda.

Ek kashmakash si lagti hai zindagi

har pal mein hai sirf bandagi.

Doosron ke madadgaar the hum

ab raha humaare saath toh sirf gham.

Doston ne bhi nahin apnaaya

duniya ne kar jo diya paraaya.

Phir bhi hum chal pade usi rah par

khojte hue ek suhaana safar.

Chalte chalte humein yeh hua ehsaas

ki kuch pal sukoon ke the aas paas.

Aaakhir pahunch hi gaye hum us chhor

jahan tha apnapan aur sukoon charon aor.


Posted by on July 25, 2011 in Random Thoughts


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A tree that said it ALL

A small cherry tree over the hill,
was indeed the most priceless still.

It endured all alone,
like a gem adorning a throne.

The lush green leaves and fruits,
hot summer witnessed a lot of loots.

With the new season in,
was time to shed the leaves to the bin.

Only the browns could be seen,
the tree was never so weak and lean.

The chill wind as it blew,
left behind solid ice and no dew.

The tree engulfed in snowy white,
seemed like a bride in sight.

As the season passed by,
a rejuvenated soul said HI.

With a pod of birds all around,
I was only left spellbound.

A small cherry tree stood alone and tall,
only to convey a moral to all.


Posted by on April 23, 2010 in Poetic Soul


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