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Dream and Scream!

I dream and I dream out loud

                                                to be the one second to none

                                                life does give me a chase and run.

I dream and I dream out loud

                                                to reach the epitome of joy

                                                snags do mock and say Oh! boy!

I dream and I dream out loud

                                                to kindle the spark of zeal

                                                clime does switch and welkin turns teal.

I dream and I dream out loud

                                                to lend a helping hand to all

                                                poised at the edge and an abrupt fall.

I dream and I dream out loud

                                                to endure deep-rooted friendship

                                                storms do strike; wrecking the anchored ship.

I dream and I dream out loud

                                                to embrace the bright and give it a go

                                                Alas! that’s when am struck with ego.


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Lost and WON

Adored a girl from the beginning of May,

mind engulfed in her thoughts almost everyday.

Her blue eyes giving a stare,

was overwhelmed to see it was rare.

The smile on her face,

motivated me to fight another race.

Her long hair darker than darkest night,

all set to show its glistening might.

Her innocence like a child,

her touch so soothing and mild.

The panache in her walk,

made the world turn and talk.

I admired somebody,

a day made me realized I was nobody.

The time of dismay came,

was I a victim of blame game?

She said it was a fault in me,

but I could hardly see.

She turned again and again,

Alas! to witness my pain.

Forgotten for a while,

unable to crawl even a mile.

A cherub whispered in my ear,

loads left to be conquered my dear!

The string of lost hopes,

aided as mighty ropes.

Arose yet again to the morning glory,

with a fresh start to my ended story.

Lessons conned from my past,

propelled me to move lil more fast.

Future seemed to be full of accolades,

sentiments of past haunted as sharp blades.

Left no time for thoughts of gloom,

as I was busy weaving a fresh handloom.

Path to success was embellished with precious stones,

every turn astonished me with new thrones.

Success always invited me,

failures never threatened me.

Discovering from the past,

recovering faster and fast,

I left everyone aghast.

There came another May,

the world had lots to say.

A Joker of misfortunes,

was now a King of splendid Fortunes.


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