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Spring has Sprung

Yuhoo! Yippie! Yay!

Goodies came in April to May

Spring was all here to say

Beds of Tulips grew and lay

Sunshine blessed the entire day

Colours overshadowed the gloomy grey

Parks with kids and their own fray

Cathedrals rung for a call to pray

Fruits all around in Nature’s tray

A drizzle with aura, splashing mild spray

Boats lined up along the quay

every soul relishing their own way

Wonderful it was a day

Keeping all the blues at bay


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A Whispering Wish

I wish I could ever be

a bird above the clouds so high

gliding over the plains and hills

like an emperor in the sky.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish I could ever be

a bumblebee prying for honey

in a colorful world of my own

where the days are just sunny.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish I could ever be

a vibrant blue orchid

giving away the fragrance of Love

many hearts would surely skid.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish I could ever be

a drop in the rain

touching every walk of Life

hiding away the obvious pain.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish I could ever be

a rock amidst the bare

standing mighty and tall

they would stop by and stare.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish! I wish!

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Nature at its Best

I transit from the chaos of urban life

to the wonderful side of my rejuvenated life.

Felt the Mother Nature so close to me,

telling me that “you are now set free”.

The rustle of dried leaves

seemed like enchanted hymns uttered in peace.

As the wind blows, the fields sway,

till my vision goes away and away.

The cool sea breeze embracing me tight,

a wonderful feeling full of delight.

The waves wanted to play,

not tomorrow but today.

The crabs frisking from place to place,

all I could see was they were ready for a race.

The seaside rocks telling a story,

be firm and please don’t worry.

Windmills going on and on,

signifying that Life’s cycle has to go on.


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From Hills…….To The Sea

Call it madness or recklessness, we had a plan;

that our tour should never stick to a plan.

It was not just another day,

the joyful disposition was there to stay.

Towards the end there was something in store,

Got all I wanted not less but certainly more.

The early morning chill,

the carpet of tea was a magnificent still.

The drive started among the greens,

delimited by the most heavenly scenes.

The highs and lows of the terrain,

and there came a slight rain.

The plethora of fragrances enveloping me,

felt like a bee who was set free.

The mist hugging the hilltops,

anyone would feel elevated as he stops.

The sun rays touching my nose,

arriving through the oaks that stood in unique pose.

The twists and turns among the mist,

was unable to track time on my wrist.

We strolled across the dense,

enjoying through the nature’s lens.

Amidst the clouds as I went,

was mesmerized by the cardamom scent.

From the hills to the sea,

everyone was filled with glee.

The bus speeding through the haze,

entire route appeared as a maze.

The hilarity of the trip,

was indeed something I would never skip.

These memories are there to cherish,

And shall never vanish. . . . . . .


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Waves- A note of Octaves

The serene splendidness of the shore,

enthralled my mind and I asked for more.

The dolphins filled with glee and zeal,

emerged out of the wet teal.

Ouch! A bite on my hand,

the crab next to me on a victorious stand.

The coconut trees swaying in the breeze,

wind blew harder just to tease.

The gushing of the saline waves,

produced the note of Octaves.

A slight drizzle on my face,

the drops vanished with no trace.

The boats high on the seas,

even the turbulent water seemed to be at peace.

The deep blue ocean as I see,

was indeed a place worth to be.

The open sky elevated the ambience,

and fluffy clouds full of exuberance.

The orange tinge in the sky,

and the moon peeped out saying a HI.

The sun bidding the day adieu,

was indeed the most spectacular view.


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