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Vintage Adoration

A Victorian mansion
overlooking the vast elyssian fields
all to myself and just to me.

Gloom did clobber
motivating for a freshening walk
all blank I loitered, I strolled across.

Brume swept in
the craven shadows languidly vanished
slowly as I moved, I heard a voice.

A dulcet melody
chanted by an alluring fairy
no feathery wings, not even a halo. 

Tempted to glance
I ran just to fall
A fall of eternity, plunge of love.

She came scooting
a helping hand to lend
distress defeated by her soothing touch.

Her turquoise eyes
unravelled  the depths of oceans
and her dazzling vision beamed past me.

The rosy cheeks
doubled the petals of spring
and the mesmerising aura slowed my mind.

Her golden frizzies
engulfed me in childhood nostalgia
when maple candy floss was all I liked. 

Her tremulous lips
uttered words of concern, fear 
to me it sounded like divine hymns.

As I assured
the strained face of hers relaxed 
a loving smile is all she gave.

In a blink
the mist just got opaque
she slowly but gleefully hopped away. 


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Signalling Signals

A walk through life
many expressions, many emotions
many joys and many more pains.

A woman passed by
a wrinkled face and cherub in hand
sand being custodian of her wishes.

A kid running past on the tack
a blink of mischief and innocence
adorned the attire of responsibility.

An old couple by the corner
hoping to nullify the lost
surrendered to God’s mercy.

Frequently we do come across lives
dampened by the sadness
seldom do we realize.

Often is it easy to pity
Pride we feel on sympathizing
Ashamed should we be
for wearing the hat of ignorance.

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Humraahi Waqt

My first attempt with hindi poetry. I know it may not be the best but yes I will keep improving my skills.


Waqt ke saaye ne humko aisa toda

har raaste ka rukh hai moda.

Ek kashmakash si lagti hai zindagi

har pal mein hai sirf bandagi.

Doosron ke madadgaar the hum

ab raha humaare saath toh sirf gham.

Doston ne bhi nahin apnaaya

duniya ne kar jo diya paraaya.

Phir bhi hum chal pade usi rah par

khojte hue ek suhaana safar.

Chalte chalte humein yeh hua ehsaas

ki kuch pal sukoon ke the aas paas.

Aaakhir pahunch hi gaye hum us chhor

jahan tha apnapan aur sukoon charon aor.


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Deep meaning lie within hollow words!

Paint the dreams you see with the colours you live

for it is your canvas to unveil true success.

Success perching to royalty adorned with riches

is mere fame with a mocking name.

Name comes aglow by the deeds you do

assessed by it are you but only you.

You may cling to éclat and just specie

it counts as none unless enclaved by love.

Love is not just breezing in from one

but all who beyond doubt admire you.

You may have arrived at the epitome

of what you think is success and love in Life.

Life! a word often overheard; a conundrum misunderstood

seldom do we endeavour to realize its worth and live it.


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A Whispering Wish

I wish I could ever be

a bird above the clouds so high

gliding over the plains and hills

like an emperor in the sky.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish I could ever be

a bumblebee prying for honey

in a colorful world of my own

where the days are just sunny.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish I could ever be

a vibrant blue orchid

giving away the fragrance of Love

many hearts would surely skid.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish I could ever be

a drop in the rain

touching every walk of Life

hiding away the obvious pain.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish I could ever be

a rock amidst the bare

standing mighty and tall

they would stop by and stare.

But I wonder will the world ever see ?!!

I wish! I wish!

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Gazed at her for a little while

enjoyed every bit of her style.

The sparkle in her Blue eyes,

reminded me of the marvel of the skies.

The pleasant smile on her face,

sorrows never left any trace.

The dazzling beauty of her hair,

seemed like many jewels of solitaire.

The humble care that she showed,

my world was lil more slowed.

Being sympathetic to one and all,

chances of finding this were very small.

I seldom come across divinity,

to my surprise it was in my vicinity.

The vivacity of her presence,

elevated my tour’s essence.

It was not just another day,

as it kept my worries at bay.

Will I ever come across her presence and might,

depends totally on my I-magination’s flight.


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A tree that said it ALL

A small cherry tree over the hill,
was indeed the most priceless still.

It endured all alone,
like a gem adorning a throne.

The lush green leaves and fruits,
hot summer witnessed a lot of loots.

With the new season in,
was time to shed the leaves to the bin.

Only the browns could be seen,
the tree was never so weak and lean.

The chill wind as it blew,
left behind solid ice and no dew.

The tree engulfed in snowy white,
seemed like a bride in sight.

As the season passed by,
a rejuvenated soul said HI.

With a pod of birds all around,
I was only left spellbound.

A small cherry tree stood alone and tall,
only to convey a moral to all.


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