Nostalgia Gripping everyone…..

11 Mar

The scenario was entirely different post-ORION’10. It indeed seemed very pleasant because the emotional outburst that had happened on the 2-days of ORION actually made almost all the final year students bond together. That’s something really nice to see. I believe the banner held by the college Variety team actually did wonders. People who always thought of getting rid of college as soon as possible we indeed left with wet eyes. The banner just had two lines that touched everyone’s heart and that is when they realized, the end of colorful college life is here. The banners said,



Well, my friend Ameen was sobbing really hard next to the green room. I still cannot forget that instance, where he was hugging his friends and scolding them at the same time. Well, that is the college life as we see today. More importantly, when faculty members approach you to congratulate for putting up a grand show is something that makes you feel really important. Kudos to all the members of the organizing team for making this event a grand success. Now, we all are left with are few memories to cherish for.

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One response to “Nostalgia Gripping everyone…..

  1. Mohammed Ameen

    March 11, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    Bro, awesome post ! Those 2 lines made me break down 😦

    I didn’t even get to watch the whole Variety show, was helping out the dance crew, I’d come in to look at how everything was going on, just saw that banner and ran out to the backstage. I tried to fight back the tears which had been overwhelming me so far, upon seeing the Variety team members sobbing I tried to console them and eventually ended up breaking down with them ! I’d never would forget that moment, for those tears were made up of memories of a lifetime.

    Love ya all fellas 🙂


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